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Why an IKEA day trip is the best kind of day trip

Since getting married, we’ve discovered how much fun an IKEA day trip as a couple can be. We’ve enjoyed many Saturday afternoons browsing the mini showrooms, filling our trolleys in the market place and enjoying a good plate of meatballs in the cafe. If you need a new day-trip destination (whether or not you actually need any new furniture), IKEA is definitely the place to go.

Loads of inspiration

Whether you’re furnishing your own house or just dreamily planning your future, a wander around IKEA can give you a lot of ideas. As you walk around the store, there are lounges, kitchens and bedrooms set up as showrooms. Some of their products are very versatile and their showrooms give you loads of ideas on how to use and style different pieces of furniture. They also have ‘show-apartments’ set up: you can walk around these and see what furniture they’ve used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and lounges. There’s information on how many square feet the apartments are and how much you would pay for all the furniture inside. Even for a small apartment, IKEA have 101 ways to deck it out, put in loads of storage and still leave it looking spacious.

It’s a cheap day out

An IKEA day trip is the perfect solution when you feel like doing something a bit different.  It’s free entry, loads of fun and you can get a cheap meal afterwards. And even if you do end up buying something, IKEA’s prices are usually relatively low: you can treat yourself to a scented candle (or two) without splashing out.

You’ll get some exercise

The store is like a maze; I am quite convinced that there is no such thing as a ‘quick trip to IKEA’. In order to reach the exit you have to journey through all the different departments (unless you’ve worked out where the shortcuts are – though I really think that spoils the fun).

The IKEA Cafe is Delicious (And Also Very Cheap)

A plate of meatballs, chips, peas and Lingonberry jam is the perfect way to finish an IKEA day trip – especially as one meal only costs a few pounds. What’s even better is popping to the food store on your way out and buying some meatballs to take home.

You get a sense of achievement from successfully building IKEA furniture

Building IKEA furniture is always a challenge, and even more so when you’re tired from your trek around the store. Working your way through the somewhat-confusing picture instructions is a challenge. Successfully following them is a test on the strength of any relationship. However, the sense of achievement when the furniture is finished is one you can’t quite match.

They have loads of cool stuff

IKEA has loads of quirky products. Whether it’s a unique coffee table or an innovative shelving unit, IKEA has lots of choices if you’re looking for something a bit different. We bought the KALLAX shelving unit for our lounge. We are very boringly using it as a shelving unit, but I’ve seen it on Pinterest being used in all sorts of innovative ways such as sideways as a shoe rack or with legs as a TV unit.

IKEA is just like a playground for adults. Testing out the sofas, deciding which kitchen units you’d choose and treating yourself to that new duvet cover – what’s not to love?

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