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6 Things To Remember To Put On Your Wedding Gift List

Our wedding gift list was with John Lewis. As with many gift list companies, they have a massive variety of products and it can be difficult to know what’s important and what’s not.

Over the last six or seven months, I’ve noticed a few things that have stuck out as being really useful. There have also been some things that we didn’t put on our list that we’ve had to buy since the wedding.

As we moved into a furnished flat, I haven’t really thought about furniture here. But, obviously, furniture would also be important if you’re moving into an unfurnished place.

A few nice pans

Most of the pans on our list were from the ‘The Pan’ range from John Lewis.

One of the best pans on our list was this Saute Pan. I use it almost every day (despite how much Jam hates washing it up).

The pan is massive so it’s ideal for when I cook multiple portions of a meal to be kept as leftovers for another day. I also find the ‘helper handle’ really handy for lifting the pan!

I also really like this 20cm Frying Pan. We like making pancakes and it’s the perfect size for making fluffy, American-style pancakes.

Baking things

We didn’t really think about putting baking things on our gift list. I didn’t bake much at uni, and when I was at home I just used my mum’s stuff.

However, these are a few things that weren’t on our list that we’ve bought ourselves since the wedding and used a lot:

  • A cooling rack
  • Cake tins
  • A piping set (you can buy these for a few pounds from Home Sense or TK Maxx)
  • A cupcake tray

IKEA vouchers

We asked for IKEA vouchers as an alternative to our wedding gift list. These came in very handy for things we forgot to put on our list.

After the wedding, we enjoyed a day trip to IKEA, stocking up on all the extra bits and pieces we needed (including lots of meatballs).

A decent set of cutlery

After uni, Jam and I were left with a mismatched set of cutlery from about three different original sets. It didn’t matter all that much, but we decided to ask for a new set on our wedding gift list.

We chose this set. Cutlery sets are expensive but it is nice having a decent set of cutlery that will hopefully last us a long time.

A full set of plates and bowls

We weren’t sure how many plates and bowls to add to our gift list. Originally we were thinking four of each item but we ended up going for eight and I’m glad we did.

Not only does it mean we have plenty to spare when things need washing up, but we also have enough for when we have people round. We chose dinner plates, side plates and cereal bowls from this set.

We didn’t like the pasta bowl in the range so we put eight of these on our list instead. They are a close enough match to everything else that I don’t think you’d notice they are from a different range.


Whether it’s furniture such as shelves and cabinets or smaller storage such as boxes, put it all on your list. We moved into a two-bed flat after getting married and we’ve very quickly accrued far more stuff than we can store. Our spare room is being used more as a cupboard than a spare room.

We used our IKEA vouchers to buy a kitchen unit, a bathroom unit and a bookshelf. We’ve since bought a number of moderately nice-to-look-at boxes to store our stuff in (because clutter doesn’t count as clutter when it’s hidden in a box…).

The main things I think are important for your wedding gift list are things for the kitchen, including good sets of pans, crockery and cutlery. It’s also very handy to have some vouchers that you can spend on other things you decide you want or need.

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