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4 Ideas For Your Photo Gallery Wall

After we got married and moved into our first flat, we had lots of pictures and things we wanted to put up on the walls. We didn’t have much else in terms of accessories to decorate our flat, so pictures were an easy go-to when it came to making our flat feel homey.

The photo gallery wall was never really planned – we just gradually kept putting up new pictures that we liked. However, I really like what it’s turned in to and I’m excited to keep adding to it.

I’ve seen a lot of photo gallery walls on Pinterest and I love that every one is unique and that there’s so many different ways to do them. Here are some ideas I’ve had whilst creating our photo wall and from seeing how other people do them.

1) Start with the things that are important to you

It can take a lot of pictures to create a photo gallery wall. I think the easiest place to start is by thinking about the things that are important to you. Some of the things we’ve chosen to have as part of our photo gallery wall are memories from our wedding and photos of our families.

photo gallery wall

2) Don’t ‘finish’ your photo gallery wall

I think it’s probably quite easy to choose a selection of pictures, put them up and leave your wall as finished. However, I think it’s much better to take a more open-minded approach so that you can add new things as you collect them.

The drawing of our hamster, Happy (on the far right), is the most recent addition to our photo wall. I can’t wait to keep adding more things as we collect them.

3) Mix up your gallery wall

Obviously, ‘photo gallery wall’ suggests a gallery of photos. However, I think it’s really interesting to use other things as well. We do have plenty of photos on ours, but we also have a cross stitch, a graphic and even a quote board.

We have a graphic of our hometown, pictures from our wedding, a message that my mum read out during our wedding ceremony and drawings of pets. At the moment most of our wall is made up of memories from our wedding, but I can’t wait to expand it with more things that are important to us.

You could also use lots of different style photo frames. Our pictures are all in different frames and some don’t have frames at all. I like the mismatched look this creates.

Mixing it up makes it easier to add to because there aren’t really any ‘rules’ to stick to. Some things I’d like to add in the future are a scratch map and our graduation certificates.

photo gallery wall

4) Use a theme

Though our photo wall is much more mismatched, I think a more uniform gallery wall can look really good too.

My mum has made a photo gallery wall using black and white family photos (including photos of my grandparents and great grandparents from their wedding days). These have been put up in black multi-photo frames from IKEA. I think this way of doing it makes a much more classic gallery wall.

Our photo gallery wall started with just a few pictures that we wanted to put up. We now have a beautiful gallery wall which we love and every picture represents something important to us.

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