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5 Things that Happen when you Move House as a Couple After Uni

I’ve not been posting as much recently because we’ve been quite caught up in our plan to move house in July.

The only moves I’ve done before have been between houses at university. These usually involved packing up my stuff, squeezing it into my dad’s car, leaving it in boxes for the summer and then squeezing it all back into the car for the next year of uni. And as much as I hate packing, this was never too bad.

As we’ve started clearing out, viewing flats and thinking about where we’ll soon be living, I’ve quickly discovered that this move is going to be very different from the last few I’ve done.

You get ruthless with your other half’s stuff

When we moved into our current flat after we got married, we weren’t particularly fussy about what we each brought with us. Keepsakes, clothes we never wear and random ornaments all came with us, without either of us putting up much of a fight about the other’s possessions.

However, the things that we’ve silently endured living with up until now are finally being questioned. For example, Jam owns a lot of tshirts. And he’s always seemed reluctant to throw out the ones with holes in them…

At university, it was his stuff and his space. Sure, keep that t-shirt you’ve not worn for ten years – it doesn’t affect me in the slightest. Not anymore – now that ‘what’s mine is yours’, we’re not putting up with each other’s clutter.

You realise how much stuff you have unwittingly accrued over the short space of time you’ve been married

We’ve been married less than a year – how have we ended up with so much stuff? It felt quite spacious when we moved in last August. But over the ten months we’ve been here, our flat is starting to feel cramped.

Why did we buy so many different duvet sets? Probably my fault. Did we really need that extra mug? Also probably me to blame.

What’s worse is that as we’ve been getting more stuff, we’ve needed to buy more storage, so we’ve also ended up with four more storage units than we had when we moved in.

We’ve somehow got to the point that, despite our current flat being furnished (so we won’t need to be transporting much furniture), we’re literally going to need a removal van to help us move.

House hunting feels like a bigger deal than it was at uni

A student house was a student house. As long as it had enough rooms, was located somewhere between town and campus and wasn’t falling apart, we’d sign for it. One year we didn’t even bother to tick the “it’s not falling apart” box (Harrington Drive – you will not be forgotten).

For our next flat, we have 101 more things to consider. How long will we be living in this next house? Will we need an extra bedroom? Do we need a garden in case we get a dog? Do we need a bigger kitchen in case we become proper adults and start having dinner parties?

Organising viewings is 100 times more stressful

Organising viewings was tricky when we were trying to organise five or six people to see a house. When is everyone free? Why is no one replying on the group chat?

You’d think organising viewings for a married couple would be significantly easier. It’s not.

Estate agents are much more complicated to deal with when they’re not five minutes down the road from your house. Plus, with our new lengthy list of house requirements, we wanted to book a lot more viewings because we really wanted to make sure we ended up with the right place.

You go into a manic ‘furniture planning’ phase

Moving into a new house is always going to be exciting. But this time we’re moving into an unfurnished flat. This is a scary prospect. Honestly, I never realised quite how expensive a floor lamp was. And a big wardrobe? Don’t even bother.

Luckily for me, I love a good trip to IKEA (read this if you need convincing on how much fun you can have in IKEA) and I’ve very quickly got excited about furniture planning. My Pinterest boards are brimming with new posts and I’ve even drawn out an A3 floor plan of our new flat to start thinking about furniture arrangement.

Lots of things change when you move house as a couple after uni. A lot of it is more stressful, but it’s also a lot more exciting, so I’m not really complaining!

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