7 Reasons To Get a Fitbit

It was about a month ago that I bought my Fitbit. Many people will argue that everything a Fitbit can track could be tracked on a phone instead - without having to spend the money on a fancy accessory. This is probably true. But, if nothing else, it looks pretty and it makes me more aware of how much [...]

reasons to try bullet journaling

7 Reasons to Try Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is a way of creating your own all-in-one planner, calendar and diary. If you’re anything like me and love the prospect of planning, being creative and stocking up on new stationary, then it's definitely something to try. Here are my top 7 reasons to try bullet journaling. 1.It motivates you to get things done One [...]

Modern Happily Ever After

Over the past year I’ve graduated, got married, moved into a new apartment and tried a tonne of new recipes. I've started a new job in marketing, got my first credit card and become a bit obsessive about furniture and interior planning. I now want to try to start up my own blog: Modern Happily Ever [...]