march my little box

March My Little Box Review

I was really excited when I received my March My Little Box. The theme was '#nofilter s'il vous plait' and I really enjoyed trying the makeup and skincare items I got sent. There were a lot of good brands and things I wouldn't spend the money on myself. Instead of the usual box, the items [...]


Pieminister: more than just pie

Last night I went to Pieminister with some of my friends. I’d not been before and I didn't really know what to expect (other than lots of pies). The Restaurant When I think of pies I usually think of traditional British pubs with big beefy pies and lots of creamy mash (and maybe some peas). Pieminister [...]

places to eat in nottingham

6 Places to Eat in Nottingham

Nottingham is full of great places to eat and drink. It has loads of variety including lots of well-known chains but also a few hidden gems. I like a good chain restaurant (Pizza Express and Las Iguanas are some of my favourites), but I quite like trying out the less well-known places and they're usually pretty [...]


7 Reasons To Get a Fitbit

It was about a month ago that I bought my Fitbit. Many people will argue that everything a Fitbit can track could be tracked on a phone instead - without having to spend the money on a fancy accessory. This is probably true. But, if nothing else, it looks pretty and it makes me more aware of how much [...]

February my little box

February My Little Box Review

The February My Little Box had a mountain and ski theme which I think was a great idea for the February box! It was filled with little goodies and snippets of information based on keeping cosy and relaxed during the cold February weather. Skincare Poláar Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour Energiser I'd never used an eye roll on [...]